Sunday, September 30, 2007

Book Ban

You know you are destined to write romance novels when you’re reading Harry Potter and cursing J.K. Rowling for not giving Sirius a love interest then stay awake at night fantasizing about subplots involving Sirius Black and his Muggle soulmate. I think this is called fan-fiction, which is, of course, highly frowned upon, but really – is it so difficult to add a little spice to Harry Potter, especially with such a man as Sirius? He is a perfect hero…the escaped prisoner, falsely accused and on the run, scraggly yet gorgeous, brooding yet devilish. He needs a woman.

And I need a life. Or rather, I need to focus on my life instead of delving into others’ lives, especially when those lives are fictional. So I’ve given up escapism for a week. No books, television (not that there is anything worthwhile on television), magazines, daydreaming, and movies.

This is difficult for me. I need my reading fix. Every night, no mater how busy I am, I must read for at least a half-hour. If the stack of books on my table gets low, I break out in hives and get a funny pitching sensation in my belly. I depend on books. This is wrong. It’s an addiction.

I need to focus on my real life and relationships. So I’m going cold turkey.

On the first day, I alternated between rage and fear. On the second day, I got a migraine. On the third day, I fall cleaned my house. On the fourth day, I worked on my next book. On the fifth day, I ate a pint of Coldstone Creamery’s sweet cream ice cream (oops, escapism). And on the sixth day I gave up and started Middlesex, which isn’t really true escapism since I wouldn’t want to be any of the characters and as I am half-Greek, I am more than familiar with all the cultural truths and idiosyncrasies Eugenides describes. (Best quote from the book and relevant to whatever point I'm trying to make: "Real life doesn't live up to writing about it" or in my case, reading about it.)

Still, I’ve failed. Instead of creating my own Sirius to supply fodder for future readers’ obsessions or at least learning that new song on my banjo, I caved, brewed a cup of Earl Grey, scored some chocolate, and planted my behind on the couch with a book, effectively tuning out my husband, my dogs, the battalion of dust bunnies, and any remnant of self-will I’d begun to rebuild.

On My Nightstand: the last two Harry Potters, which I’m trying to avoid as I don’t want them to end.

Eagerly Anticipating: the new Eddie Vedder album, which is the soundtrack for the movie Into the Wild, a tale about one incredibly stupid human being.

Quote of the Day: "Whenever I look back on the best days of my life, I think I saw them all on TV." - The Bravery

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